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Intro to penis enlargement exercises and how they work

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Natural penis enlargement exercises are a very effective, trusted and proven way to add length and thickness to your penis. Most of the success stories on forums like PenisHealth forum are from men like you who have gained real inches and other benefits from these exercises.

There are exercises for length and some for girth. Both types of penis enlargement exercises cause a growth reaction in the tissue cells which then expand and grow just like any muscle you exercise in the gym or by simply jogging.

Only now, your penis gets longer and thicker and your erections become much stronger. Exercises are a great way to make your penis longer and bigger in just a few months of a few workouts a week. Best of all your new size is permanent and you can enjoy the benefits for life!

How penis lengthening exercises increase penis length

The basic theory behind why penis stretching exercises make your penis longer is that your penis is currently limited. Your erections can only get as big as the amount of blood that can fill the two big erectile chambers. The solution? Stretch the erectile chambers bigger so they can fill up with more blood.

Stretching the penis over time with exercises or a penis enlargement traction device is the only true method of penis enlargement and provides many other benefits such as improved stamina and erection strength.

Penis stretching is also MUCH safer than any modern surgical technique (which gives artificial results anyway) or hanging weights from your penis (which is uncomfortable and can be very painful if done improperly).

How erections work, and how to stretch the penis bigger

The two large erectile chambers, called the Corpora Cavernosa, fill with blood whenever you get an erection. These chambers are masses of spongy tissues that soak up the blood allowed in through the relaxation of special "smoothe muscles" that get relaxed whenever you get aroused.

Penis enlargement exercises stretch, expand, and divide the cells in these tissues to build larger masses of tissue so you can hold more blood and achieve a more impressive and superior erection!

Penis exercises compared to penis pumps or hanging weights

Exercises do much more than hanging weights on your penis or using a penis pump when you want a bigger erection.

Weights will stretch the penis into a thin hot dog shape, restrict your privacy and freedom as they need to be worn for hours, and can be very painful with one wrong move. Exercises are easy to use, add permanent size in length and thickness and take 20 minutes a day.

Your penis grows in proportion so you can enjoy both the benefits of a longer as well as thicker penis, all with just one routine. No need to keep buying weights and wasting time testing the right combination while risking injury for better results.

Penis pumps simply do not provide permanent results and I have heard some unhappy endings about using penis pumps. Some men have become completely dependent on the pump for an erection, while others have become impotent from blood vessel rupture and internal bleeding.

The pump used to be a nice way of achieving a bigger erection years ago, but with safe and easy exercises that add permanent inches in just a few months, its best to stay safe and get with the times.

Other benefits from using penis enlargement exercises

While adding inches may be the main reason for starting a penis exercise program, other valuable benefits come from exercises that involve working the PC muscle. This is a very important part of male sexual health and making it stronger means more stamina, more control over ejaculations, and a much longer lasting sexual experience, if you choose. Discover more about PC muscle exercises on this website.

Starting a penis exercise program for more size and amazing performance

Penis exercise typically take 20-30 minutes per day and should be practiced 3-4 times a week to stay in the optimal penis growth state. You should reach your desired size (1-3 inches) by the end of 6 months of exercising. Simply keep going until or stop when you reach the size you want and your gains will stay with you forever!

Your best option is to follow a proven successful online program such as the one at PenisHealth, an award winning penis exercise program with 34 exercises, pictures, videos, a DVD, premade step by step routines, a forum, and great customer support. Read more about PenisHealth here and start enlarging your penis right now.

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